Thursday, January 8, 2009

Suggestion to wear in 1/10 - Divisional Playoffs

Well, this is my first post, my first blog.

Today, I’m looking for something to wear in 1/10 (Divisional Playoffs). I found something interesting.

It’s a bracelet that you can build it forming any word you want it.

I think this is interesting because you wear a customized bracelet with your thoughts. It’s a good way to shows what you thinking.

Since I'm a huge fan of Arizona Cardinals I compose a phrase for them. See above an example of a bracelet that I build. It’ pretty cool:

I found the tool to build the bracelet in

In the left menu click on Collection, Composable and then choose between Big or Classic.

Now you just drag the charms to compose any phrase. It’s easy to follow the instructions.

Let’s build bracelets and wear because "this is their year"!